The primary role of this website is to provide internet and other references to published material as well as additional historical information / articles on the general topic of the history of blood transfusion.  The references section includes a list of over 600 internet links to historical and landmark articles relating to the history of transfusion whilst two other sections provide access to a large variety of articles covering transfusion history from its alleged ancient origins to the 20th century, that includes a revised version of the illustrated booklet ‘The Early History of Blood Transfusion’ by Phil Learoyd.  In addition there is a section providing biographical references to some of the people who influenced the early development of blood transfusion, as well as sections on historical transfusion documents and artefacts.  The site also includes translations of a large selection of non-English transfusion textbooks mostly published in the 19th century that provide information on both the history of blood transfusion and the transfusion equipment used during that period.